Nova’s hardwood decking line includes the very best decking products available on the planet. Sustainably harvested, exotically beautiful and incomparably durable, the Nova decking line has a real wood product to serve every need.

Nova Ipe, the anchor of our decking program and indisputably THE best product on the market today, offers the ultimate in dark red-brown beauty with a stable durability found in no other product in the world. Ipe carries the US Forest Labs highest decay resistance rating of 25 years plus has a fire resistance NFPA class “A” rating. Nova Ipe is available in the standard air-dried form and in a super-premium kiln-dried sanded product. All of our decking products are personally inspected by our own extensive QC infrastructure in Brazil. We carry a full assortment of decking, dimension and post sizes. Specialty beams and counters may be available upon request. There is no better or more consistent Ipe decking program available than Nova Ipe.

Nova Angelim Pedra (a.k.a. Rocky Deck) is the “new kid” on the decking block. Nova Angelim is kiln-dried to 12% m.c., exhibiting an exotically attractive beige-brown with reddish undertones in the heartwood punctuated by it’s characteristic mineral spots (“pedra” or “rock” in Portuguese). Available in 5/4 x 4” and 6” and dimension sizes, Nova Angelim is one of the most beautiful and affordable all-wood decking products available.

Nova’s Cambara decking (the South American Meranti-Mahogany option) has long been THE reference for top-quality Cambara predominantly in the Northeast market. Kiln-dried and available in 1x4, 5/4 x 4” and 6” and dimension sizes, Nova Cambara comes in two grades and can be either unfinished or prefinished.

Nova Tigerwood may be the most striking decking product available today. Once installed, Nova Tigerwood decking quickly brightens to a deep rust-red, accentuated by darker tiger-stripe streaks. As is true for all of our decking products, the rich color can be maintained by finishing the deck with a UV inhibiting sealer, or it can be allowed to naturally weather to an attractive silver-grey.

Nova Brazilian Redwood (also known as massaranduba and bulletwood) is one of the hardest woods in the world. Brazilian Redwood possesses a gorgeous dark brown-red color, smooth textured grain and a durability that will outlast the rest of the house. Like all Nova decking products save Ipe, Brazilian Redwood is kiln-dried to be straight and stable for the life of the deck.

Nova Cumaru decking is winning converts nationwide. A beautiful champagne-carmel brown with some reddish undertones, Nova Cumaru turns a deck into a piece of art. Cumaru was at one time mixed in with Ipe decking, but now in its kiln-dried form it stands handsomely on its own.

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Brazilian Walnut,


Southern Chestnut,

Massaranduba, Bulletwood

Tiger Wood, Muiracatiara

Angelim Pedra